Pasi Sahlberg (cropped)
Pasi Sahlberg
Pasi Sahlberg is Finnish educator, teacher and scholar. He worked as schoolteacher, teacher educator and policy advisor in Finland with broad international experience. He has served World Bank, European Commission and OECD advising governments on equity and excellence in education in more than 50 countries. His award-winning book “Finnish lessons: what can the world learn from educational change in Finland” the 2013 Grawemeyer Award in the United States. Pasi is currently visiting professor at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education in Cambridge, MA, USA.
"The day was superb, and although full of plenty of deep thinking, it also had a very relaxed and welcoming feel to it." - Dominic Wyse, Professor of Early Childhood and Primary Education
"Well done for the Festival. The sessions I attended were excellent!" - Andy Smart, Publishing Consultant, The Independent    
I found LFE a truly inspiring occasion. It had lively, stimulating and relaxing environment where all the participants were able to enjoy the enriching festival activities, at the same time adding to their knowledge the experiences of different aspects of education.- Kausar Ali, Teacher and Contributor
"...Both ourselves and our very passionate group of students so much valued being part of and contributing to such a superb and stimulating event...such a buzz and such a creative and thought provoking buzz seemed to be everywhere and we really felt the benefit." - Paul Morall, Chickenshed
"...the Festival was absolutely fantastic. It was lively, stimulating, imaginative and fun. My own regret is not being able to attend all the sessions. Congratulations. What an achievement." - Anne Nicholls, Communications and PR consultant, AN Communications