I found LFE a truly inspiring occasion. It had lively, stimulating and relaxing environment where all the participants were able to enjoy the enriching festival activities, at the same time adding to their knowledge the experiences of different aspects of education including the sessions on schools working together, pedagogies, inclusion, communities enriching education with their schools and culture, music and the enjoyment of learning etc. The education is not only the 3Rs any more, its what makes one to be a world citizen today, and LFE exhibited this very well. - Kausar Ali
, Teacher and Festival Contributor


Just wanted to congratulate you and the team for organising a fantastic festival on Saturday.  Very well done all round.  - Caroline Shott, Founder & CEO, The Learning Skills Foundation

Congratulations on such a fabulous event! I express appreciation that the IoE has such courage and energy to manifest such an ambitious and inspiring festival. May it continue! - David Rycroft, Mind with Heart

Well done for the Festival. The sessions I attended were excellent! - Andy Smart, Publishing Consultant, The Independent    

Thank - you for all the efforts put into a successful conference. - Margaret Brown


The day was superb, and although full of plenty of deep thinking, it also had a very relaxed and welcoming feel to it. - Dominic Wyse, Professor of Early Childhood and Primary Education, UCL IOE


The sense of debate and passion for teaching was everywhere. - Festival Goer


The talks that I went to were excellent. - Patricia Babtie, Author


Can we express our thanks for your interest and attention at the Festival. Both ourselves and our very passionate group of students so much valued being part of and contributing to such a superb and stimulating event as the IOE London Festival of Education proved to be. Such a buzz and such a creative and thought provoking buzz seemed to be everywhere and we really felt the benefit. - Paul Morall, Chickenshed


      I really enjoyed chatting to enthusiastic audience members after panel Q&As, a workshop I attended, feeling excited about work I could soon be doing with likeminded education enthusiasts. - Festival Goer


      Thanks for inviting me to participate in the festival. I thought it was excellent. There was a great range of speakers, the atmosphere was full of energy and ideas. - Clare Sandling, Writer and Early Years Policy-maker 


      I enjoyed the opportunity to attend a range of different sessions and engage with a number of different topics that apply to both my own setting - secondary education - and other educational sectors. - Festival Goer


      I liked the combination of academic debate, the fact that it was aimed at teachers and gave practical information and advice. I also liked hearing more controversial speakers alongside others and the fact that speakers came from a range of different backgrounds. - Festival Goer


Just wanted to say “Thank you” for Saturday. From my own perspective, I felt it was very well organised and those that I spoke to had a really amazing time. So well done! Would love to be a part of any further ones in the future. - Viv Grant, Director, Integrity Coaching