Chloe Combi photo (cropped)
Chloe Combi

Chloe Combi is a former school teacher. She writes for the Independent, TES, Guardian, The Week and the New Statesman. She's a regular on TV and radio debates including BBC, Channel 4 News, Newsnight, Sky News and Woman's Hour.

Her work on child poverty, gangs and street violence granted her an invite to No. 10 and she is a consultant on youth issues for the Mayor of London. Her youth project, Write Club, has had interest from UK documentary makers.

Her first book: Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives is being published by Random House in April.


My Twitter feed is: @WriteClubUK

My website for Write Club is: http://www.write-club.org.uk/chloe_combi.php

Random House: http://www.randomhouse.co.uk/authors/chloe-combi

Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Chloe-Combi/e/B00QX9DN6U


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