If you are at a workplace where they carry out random drug tests, and you are wondering how to pass a drug test? There a few steps and method you can follow to ensure that you pass any drug test.  

Most of the methods are not 100% guaranteed that they can help you pass. Passing the drug test when you use these methods depends on your metabolic rate, sized and the frequency of drug use.

This drug test is the easiest one to conduct. It is preferred by many companies since it does not evade anyone’s privacy nor cause any pain. Moreover, it provides the results within a short time. This method of drug test is very popular when conducting an interview or on a random workplace drug test. 

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You insert a cotton swab or small brush between the lower cheek and gums. Then remove the swab from the gums and place it under the tongue. This is to ensure that you have collected enough saliva sample from the mouth. 

The swab is then placed in a test tube with some liquid in it. If the liquid changes colour, the results are positive for drugs. 

Also, the lab can use an absorbent strip in place of a swab. The absorbent strip is placed between the cheek and gums, and if it changes color, it is positive for drugs. 

THC and any drug clear out of saliva in a short time. The level of drugs can clear out in your mouth within 12 hours if you don’t use the drug often. 

However, there are times when the drug test is administered abruptly, and you may need a quick fix. There are some mouthwash and chewing gum that helps detox your body. You need to chew the gum and wash your mouth, and you will test negative for drugs in the next six hours.

Sometimes the best way to ensure that there are no traces of drugs in your saliva is the good old fashioned abstinence. You need to take the time of taking the drugs and smoking weed. This will give your body time to cleanse itself and get rid of all the toxins. 

For you to increase the chances of passing the drug test, you need exercise regularly. This will help get rid of the toxins from your body via sweat. The THC is fat-soluble and can be removed from the body quickly when your body metabolizes. 

Also, you should ensure that you are always hydrated. Drink water frequently as this will help in removing toxins from your body. 

Also, ensure that you eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Avoid any junk food and fatty food.  

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